Giving Birth to a Toronto Native

For most of my live I’ve lived in Quebec, but after getting married to my wonderful wife, I wanted to try something new. We talked about where we should live, and came to a conclusion that Toronto would be a nice place. We searched around for a great place to start a family, and found Junction in Toronto. Once we moved there, our life was a little different, but mostly the same. We had great jobs and met some wonderful people who were pretty friendly to us. When my wife became pregnant with our first child, things became really hectic.

My wife would have all kinds of crazy cravings and want me to go to the store to get some food. There was a pretty nice store in the area that was only a few minutes from where we lived. Every time I would walk in, the staff would know why I was there. The cravings had no kind of reasoning to them. Once my wife wanted to have peanut butter, eggs, and corn, all at the same time. We also went to prenatal classes to learn about proper care for our soon to be child. They even taught us how to essentially birth the baby in an emergency situation.

Our child was born one Saturday night. It was a boy and we named it Mark. He was a healthy little baby, and had quite an appetite. The moment he touched my hand, I couldn’t help but let out a few tears. My parents and my wife’s parents came all the way from Quebec to Toronto to see the baby being born. We went back to Junction just a short time after the baby was born, and the baby did what babies do best: cry and eat. He’s going to grow up to be a great son.

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I Am No Longer Tired Like I Was

Before I went to see a Chicago acupuncture expert, I wanted to learn about the needles. If I was not having the tiredness that always seemed to follow me, I would never have even considered going to someone who wanted to stick needles in me. For the life of me, I honestly could not see how that was going to help me, but so many of my friends told me that it honestly would. I know they would not trick me that way, so I decided to really step out on that ledge and trust them.

Before I could bring myself to go though, I had to educate myself on just what acupuncture is and why it works. More importantly though, I had to find out about the needles. Continue reading

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Making It Harder for Online Predators

The Internet is a marvelous creature, but it can be a frightening one as well. In years past, before the Internet was a household activity, parents only had to worry about people in their general vicinity when it came to their children. Once the Internet took off though, predators had a much easier time when it came to picking out their prey. It could definitely be a lot worse than what it is though, and we have people like Baroness Joanna Shields to thank for that. She is responsible for making the Internet a place where children are safe rather than targeted by predators. Continue reading

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An Energy Company That Gives Back

When I moved out of my parent’s house into my own rental property, I was so excited. I had a great job, a fantastic boyfriend, and finally a taste of freedom too. One of my first choices with living on my own was picking out the company that was going to provide me with my energy. This may seem mundane to some people, but I was pretty excited about it. I started reading about one company in particular, and I came across a note that stated if you’re looking for more information, click here.

I clicked on the link, and I am so glad that I did because it helped me make the decision on which company to use. CPL Retail Energy has been in the energy business ever since my grandfather was just a small tyke, but that is not the reason I decided to go with them. I am a social worker, and my main passion in life is to help people. When I saw how charitable CPL is in the communities that they serve, I knew that I had to go with them. I was impressed with just how active they actually are. Continue reading

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Figuring out How Much You Are Actually Paying for Your Monthly Electricity Costs

I still think a lot of electricity customers in Texas are under the assumption that their hometown electric company is just a local business. Well, that is no longer necessarily true. Energy providers such as TXU in Midland TX are now multi-national corporations. They do serve local customers, but the infrastructure behind the companies can be global. It might give you that warm and fuzzy feeling to be sticking with a local provider for your electricity needs, but you may be paying for that feeling right out of your wallet. There are companies out there that offer a lower rate on the same electricity coming to your house.

You can switch to another electricity supplier and you still are served by your local company. They still maintain the wires in the city and to your home that bring the electricity. Continue reading

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The Price of Cable TV Fits Very Well into My Frugal Lifestyle

I am a very frugal person. I do all that I can to try to live a nice life without needing to overspend on things that are unnecessary and will never be used. The best part of it is that it has allowed me to save a lot of money. Typically, I have watched many free movies online, but I often find the offerings to not be the best. Because of that, I found myself looking at online to see what I could get with the help of cable service. I really wanted to watch some of the programs I had heard so many other people talk about, and I wanted to do it at a low price.

Because I had not been paying attention to cable pricing for so many years, I wondered if it would be very expensive. Continue reading

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Staying Safe with Home Security by ADT

The simple truth is that as security gets harder to maintain, it becomes even more important. Back in the old days people did not even worry about locking their cars or their front door, as they trusted everyone around them and did not worry about the difference it might make. In today’s world, simple locks are not usually enough to feel truly safe, as robbers have ways of getting through locks whether they are using special tools or just flat out brute force. Orlando home alarm systems have become very popular because of this, as people want to be able to relax and feel protected when they are at home.

This is not some crazy expectation after all, because homes were more or less meant to feel safe and relaxed. Even in the earliest days of humanity, building some form of a home was a way to get protection from the elements and any predators. Today it seems our biggest predator comes in the form of other humans though, especially when robbers or intruders bring guns into the mix. The best way to deal with people like this is obviously avoiding them altogether, but sometimes this is simply not an option.

ADT provides security from these people in a few different ways. The first line of defense is the simple sticker or logo, as most potential intruders will think twice about trying to enter a place if they know a security system is in place. Secondly the alarm will sound, making it clear to them that police will soon be on the way and their chances of getting caught are going up every second. If they still stay after all of this, the ADT control center will dispatch police with detailed information to make sure they arrive quickly and know exactly what to do.

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Good Reason to Get ADT Security in Your Area

After our neighbor had his home burglarized my brother told me to get an alarm system. I asked him if there was ADT Security in your area and what he thought of them. He told me that the alarm company he has is ADT. He lives a few states away, and I did not even know he had an alarm system. He told me that he got one when the newspaper police reports kept showing more and more property crimes, home invasions and burglaries in his area. Then he told me something I never even considered.

He said that he has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are connected to the main alarm system. He asked me if I had ever seen any news stories about people getting poisoned by carbon monoxide or being found in their beds dead of smoke inhalation from a fire. I told him that it is actually common to hear that on the news or read about it when the fall weather comes and the furnaces start getting turned back on. Continue reading

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