Good Reason to Get ADT Security in Your Area

After our neighbor had his home burglarized my brother told me to get an alarm system. I asked him if there was ADT Security in your area and what he thought of them. He told me that the alarm company he has is ADT. He lives a few states away, and I did not even know he had an alarm system. He told me that he got one when the newspaper police reports kept showing more and more property crimes, home invasions and burglaries in his area. Then he told me something I never even considered.

He said that he has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are connected to the main alarm system. He asked me if I had ever seen any news stories about people getting poisoned by carbon monoxide or being found in their beds dead of smoke inhalation from a fire. I told him that it is actually common to hear that on the news or read about it when the fall weather comes and the furnaces start getting turned back on. I told him that people’s candles and other stuff cause a lot of fires too. Then he said that if any of his family is incapacitated by smoke or CO the alarm company will send help.

I never thought of that. You just think that you will hear the alarm go off and get out. However, what if you are already incapacitated? It is nice to know that when the alarm goes off a monitoring agency will send the appropriate help. Not just for burglar alarms but for smoke and carbon monoxide too. That is the kind of protection that is worth buying. Plus, I found out that the monitoring fees are pretty low cost. I spend more money per day on junk stuff than it costs to pay the monitoring fees. I think it is worth it to have my family protected like that.