I Am No Longer Tired Like I Was

Before I went to see a Chicago acupuncture expert, I wanted to learn about the needles. If I was not having the tiredness that always seemed to follow me, I would never have even considered going to someone who wanted to stick needles in me. For the life of me, I honestly could not see how that was going to help me, but so many of my friends told me that it honestly would. I know they would not trick me that way, so I decided to really step out on that ledge and trust them.

Before I could bring myself to go though, I had to educate myself on just what acupuncture is and why it works. More importantly though, I had to find out about the needles. I am not exactly afraid of needles, but I definitely don’t jump for joy when my doctor tells me he has to give me a shot or take some blood from me for lab work. My friends told me that the needles are a lot thinner than the ones that my doctor uses, and that is why there is no pain associated with it.

With the research that I did, I was able to see that not all needles are created equal. That does not mean they are not valid instruments though, and I for one was glad that the acupuncture needles are a lot thinner than what I was used to. I also saw that it was not just thinner by a little. Some of them are 50 times thinner than what my doctor has used on me, and that really alleviated all the fears that I had. When I went in for my first appointment, I saw how silly my fear actually was because I really did not feel much at all, and definitely no pain. Going there has really helped me a lot with my tiredness issues, and I still go on a regular basis because of how it makes me feel.