Sleep Shop Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress Review

A decent mattress is extremely important both for health and comfort sleep. The Sleep Shop 10 inch Deluxe Twin Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress is both comfortable and also remembers the shape of your body and thus shapes to fit it. Yes, it is both soft and firm at the same time. Pieces of your body no longer feel as if they are being pushed back into you as they get absorbed into the mattress while the rest of the body is cradled gently.

Made out of high-quality bedding materials, this mattress is the twin bed 10″ foam made of Visco Foam, which not only retains firmness for long but also has an elastic Memory to remember the shape of your body.Sleep Shop Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress Review

Price and Features

The Sleep Shop 10 inch Deluxe Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress is available at the fabulous price of $289.00 and has free shipping. A fantastic saving of $1111.00 and it will be shipped to you in any of the 48 states of the main section of the USA.

  • It comes with a guarantee for 90 days in your home and also with an incredible 10-year warranty on the actual product.
  • It has a cover that is fully washable and that has zips in place.
  • The makeup of the mattress is of foam which has a memory thanks to the Visco Elastic it has been manufactured from.
  • Your body is kept in comfort owing to the fact it keeps to your body temperature and shapes to your contours.
  • Measures 75 by 38 by 10 inches, and weighs 50 pounds

Who is Sleep Shop mattress good for?

The Sleep Shop 10 inch Deluxe Twin is for anybody who needs to sleep well at night. Age is immaterial although we do like our comforts as we grow older. The arms of Morpheus will enfold you and rock you to sleep with a softness that is both firm and soft at the same time.Sleep Shop Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress Layers

Sleep shop mattress Pros and Cons

This mattress is a joy to sleep on. It curves to fit the shape of the body and makes an aching back a thing of the past. The mattress pad conforms to the shape of your body by varying itself in tune to your body, which is why there are no pressure points that seem to stick into the mattress and come back to haunt you later. It has been made of two different kinds of foam.  The three inches of foam on the top is what is called Memory Foam and underneath this is a further 7inchs of foam made with a firm polyurethane base.

It does smell a bit, but you won’t be able to pick up anything until you get to it really close. You could actually put a cover on the mattress before covering it with clean sheets, only if you are so bothered about the chemical odor taking over.

Why you should buy it

The Sleep Shop 10 inch Deluxe Twin Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent product to purchase especially at this price.  It is not often you see such a bargain.


Do yourself a favor.  Buy yourself a Sleep Shop 10 inch Deluxe Twin Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress and ensure a good night’s sleep at a price most can afford.